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Black Male Closure w/ChainBlack Female Closure wo/ChainBlack Male Closure wo/ChainBlack Female Closure w/Chain
Red Male Closure w/ChainRed Female Closure wo/ChainRed Male Closure wo/ChainRed Female Closure w/Chain
White Male Closure w/ChainWhite Female Closure wo/ChainWhite Male Closure wo/ChainWhite Female Closure w/Chain

Standard Dairy threaded/bevel seat plastic closures and caps for sanitary pipelines, tankers, and flow-line equipment. The main purpose of using end caps is to waterproof the connections. These tough plastic cap nuts seal open ends and shut out contamination, dust, insects, mold and odors. Tightens drip-proof by hand. Available in both male and female connections and with or without a stainless steel chain. Now featured in 3 colors: Red, White, and Black. If you have any questions about this product or would like to place an order, please call L.C. Penner Company.

Penner Closures are made with lightweight, high impact plastic:
    • Tighten drip proof by hand.
    • Have optional standard sanitary dairy threads.
    • Male and Female sizes 1 1/2" through 3".
    • Replace metal closures at half the cost.
    • Thousands in use nationwide.

Designed to protect the ends of threaded and non-threaded tubing, will fit diameters from 1.5" to 3".

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